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MecSoft Corporation is excited to announce the release of The 2021 Cutting Tools Workbook, a 120-page guide to working with cutting tools in its line-up of CAM plugins including VisualCAD/CAM, RhinoCAM and VisualCAM for SOLIDWORKS MILL, TURN, Profile-NEST and G-Code Editor modules. This is a bonus guide now free to all users. Many of you have asked for more comprehensive information on working with Cutting Tools in our CAM module plugins. This updated workbook delivers the following in-depth information.

Creating Tools

This guide walks you through the process of creating tools and using the predefined tool libraries installed with the software as well as creating your own custom tool libraries. Also included is in-depth information on the Tools tab and the Create/Select Tools dialog including the Feeds & Speeds Calculator!


The Create/Select Tools Dialog

Tool Related Answers

This updated workbook also includes answers to many of the questions that users ask most, including how to define a custom tool, print your tool list, define tool related preferences and tool related optimization such as machining time estimates and more.

Advanced Topics

This updated workbook also answers more advanced questions such as how to include tool comments, define a tool change point and enable cutter compensation in your posted g-code. How to customize the Feeds & Speeds Calculator with your own custom materials is also explained.


You may be asking yourself why is this guide called a workbook? That’s because it includes worksheets on every tool type supported by the MILL and TURN modules! You can print these worksheets and use them to document your existing and new tool inventory for creating tools and setting up your tool library in the MecSoft CAM plugin of your choice! A sample worksheet is shown below.

Sample MILL Tool worksheet from The Cutting Tools Workbook
Sample TURN Tool worksheet from The Cutting Tools Workbook

Data Sheets

In addition to the worksheets mentioned above, the Reference section also includes the parameter values of every INCH and METRIC tool that comes installed in the predefined tool libraries so that you know exactly which parameter to adjust to make them YOUR custom tool library!

What’s Inside

The Cutting Tools Workbook is packed full of information that will help you become more proficient with your MecSoft CAM software. Here is the complete list of topics included in this must-have companion guide.

What’s New
Videos & Guides
Print Media Archive

About This Guide
          About the MILL Module
          About the TURN Module
          Using this Guide

Getting Ready
          After Installing MILL
          Locate the Tools Tab
          The Create/Select Tools Dialog

Creating Tools
          Create a Tool
          Create a Tool Library
          The Feeds & Speeds Calculator
          Use The Preinstalled Tool Libraries
          Add your Existing Tools to a Library
          More about the Tools Tab
          More about the Create Tools dialog

Tool Related Answers
          Where can I find Tool Preferences?
          How can I Print a Tool List?
          How can I add a Custom Tool?
          Why are my Feed Rate values too High/Low?
          What about Tapping Feed Rates?
          Optimize Machining Time Estimates?

More Advanced Answers
          How to add Tool Comments?
          How to add a Tool Change Point?
          How to add more Materials?
          How to enable Cutter Compensation?

          Mill Tool Worksheets
          Drill Tool Worksheets
          Turn Tool Worksheets
          Feeds & Speeds Data
          Default English Tools Library
          Default Metric Tools Library

How to Download this Guide

This tutorial is available as a FREE download to ALL MecSoft CAM users. To download this 110-page guide, select from one of the links below for your MecSoft product:

RhinoCAM 2021VisualCAM 2021VisualCAM 2021 for SolidWorks

More Information

For more information about each of these Mill Module products, including data sheets, videos and other resources we invite you to visit the following product pages:

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