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MecSoft Corporation is proud to announce the release of CAMJam 2023, the Video & Document Training Companion set for our popular VisualCAD/CAM and RhinoCAM CAM modules. CAMJam 2023 includes over 20 new full-length training and bonus videos covering our MILL, TURN, NEST, Profile-NEST, MESH, G-CODE Editor, and ART modules as well as easy access to all available resources with our updated 2023 Resource Guides!

What’s Inside CAMJam 2023

CAMJam 2023 now includes over 200 instructional videos covering the complete suite of the MecSoft CAM module functionality including MILL, TURN, NEST, ART, Profile-NEST, G-Code Editor, and MESH! CAMJam 2023 includes our popular CAM Performance collection and our new 2½ and 3 Axis Bootcamp collection covering Common Support Issues, CAM Automation, Post-Processing Issues, and more.

Here is a list of the new training you will find in CAMJam 2023:

  • Program 2½ Axis Prismatic Parts
    Learn techniques for programming in 2½ Axis from 2D drawings and/or 3D models.
  • Basic Training in 2½ and 3 Axis
    Learn 2½ Axis, Geometry Types, Stock/Part controls, understanding the Location of Cut Geometry, common support issues, saw machining, and more.
  • CAD Training
    Get bonus training on modeling Control Geometry in both VisualCAD and Rhino, Understanding Geometry Tolerances in VisualCAD, Cloning Pre-Defined Regions, Repairing Open Loops in Control Geometry, and much more.
  • 2-Sided “Flip” Machining
    Get a full-length training video on 2-Sided “Flip” machining techniques. Often confusing for new users, we break it down into easy-to-understand and implement techniques.
  • 2½ Axis TURN Module Training
    A new full-length video on the TURN module showing how to drill, rough, finish, part-off turned parts, and define Turn Tooling Inserts.
  • Tips & Techniques
    New videos for understanding and fixing common post-processing issues, as well as productivity tips, and more.
  • 4 and 5 Axis Supplemental Training

Learn how to implement Tool Change Points in 4 Axis, Tool Positioning between 5 Axus Setups, Drilling with indexed 5 Axis setups, and more.

The following training videos and guides were updated for 2023: 

  • Our popular CAM Performance collection for optimizing productivity.
  • Our Best Practices guides for 2½ and 3-axis machining.
  • CAM Coordinate Systems Explored, Mold and Parting Line Machining, Machining Multi-Sided Parts, and more.
  • Our 2½ and 3 Axis Basic, Introduction, and Advanced user guides are packed full of graphic illustrations.
  • Our popular CAM Automation guides for getting more out of your MecSoft CAM plugins.
  • As always, links to our popular must-read MecSoft Tech Blog articles as well as the latest in-depth case studies of users like you, who are achieving success with their MecSoft CAM plugins.
  • Our Exclusive Bonus Guides and Tutorials include AMS-Only access materials such as The CAM Question & Answer Guide and the Cutting Tools Workbook. 
  • The CAMJam 2023 User Guide for the organization and easy retrieval from our video and document library.

Exclusive Bonus Guides

CAMJam 2023 includes exclusive guides and tutorials only available to MecSoft annual maintenance subscribers (AMS). These training guides are not available anywhere else! Also included are videos and guides on each of the 2023 AMS Bonus modules including Profile-NEST and the popular G-Code Editor!

CAMJam 2023 includes the new and popular CAM Performance video series packed full of tips and suggestions on how to get the best performance from your MecSoft CAM plug-in. The series includes videos on Hardware, Toolpath, and Simulation Performance. How to maximize your hardware and minimize toolpath generation and simulation wait times!
Hardware Performance
ToolPath   Performance
Simulation Performance

The MecSoft 2½ Axis & 3 Axis Illustrated Guides

CAMJam 2023 now includes MecSoft’s new 2½ & 3 Axis Illustrated Guides! These guides illustrate MecSoft’s 2½ and 3 Axis toolpath strategies using easy-to-understand examples. 2½ & 3 Axis Setups, 2½ & 3 Axis Introduction and 2½ & 3 Axis Advanced topics. These guides are shown below.
The 2½ & 3 Axis Illustrated Guides
Example Illustrations (2½ Axis Slot Machining (Left) and 3 Axis Horizontal Roughing (Right)

The MecSoft CAM 2023 Question & Answer Guide

The MecSoft CAM Question & Answer Guide contains concise information so that you learn quickly. Each question is answered with the menu selections required to complete the task and illustrations to help you understand the results

Here are just a few examples of what’s included:

  • Enable Cutter Compensation
  • Enable Inverse Time Feed Rate
  • Define Toolpath Properties
  • Accurately Estimate Machining Time
  • Edit Toolpaths Associatively
  • Add a Tool Change Point
  • Add more Materials
  • Add Tool Comments
  • Find Tool Related Preferences
  • Load a Tool Library Automatically

The 2023 Cutting Tools Workbook

CAMJam now includes the newly updated 2023 Cutting Tools Workbook. This guide walks you through the process of creating tools and using the predefined tool libraries installed with the software as well as creating your own custom tool libraries. Also included is in-depth information on the Tools tab and the Create/Select Tools dialog including the Feeds & Speeds Calculator!
his guide also includes worksheets on every tool type supported by the 2023 MILL and TURN modules! You can print these worksheets and use them to document your existing and new tool inventory for creating tools and setting up your tool library in the MecSoft CAM plugin of your choice!

The 2023 F1 CO2 Racer Body Tutorial

Back by popular demand, CAMJam includes the F1 CO2 Racer Body Tutorial newly updated for each MecSoft 2023 desktop CAM plugin. This tutorial walks you step-by-step through the process of setting up and machining the Racer Body in a two-sided machining process also referred to as flip machining using both 2½ Axis and 3 Axis toolpath strategies. This tutorial includes comprehensive illustrations to help guide beginners through the process of creating toolpaths.
The tutorial will illustrate how to machine the F1 CO2 Race Car body from a balsa wood stock blank. The stock can be machined from the Pitsco Custom Cruiser Blank SKU: W17823 or the blank included with the Pitsco Custom Cruiser Vehicle Design Kit SKU: W54600.

To get your Annual Maintenance Subscription

To learn more about being an AMS subscriber and CAMJam just give us a call, chat, or contact MecSoft sales and/or support. We will be happy to give you all of the details.

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