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The Machining Operation Setup dialog allows you to align the XYZ axis of the machine tool with respect to the orientation of the part.  This alignment is unique to each Setup.  Think of it as to how you want to align your part on your machine.  Each part can have multiple Setup orientations defined.

1.Select Setup from the Mill toolbar or double-click left-mouse-click Setup under the Machining Job.

Milling tab




2.The Machining Operation Setup dialog is displayed.

Setup dialog

Setup dialog


You can specify a unique name for this Setup.

Align to

Use these options to align the Setup coordinate system.

Machine Coordinate System  
Align the Setup coordinate system to be the same as the Machine Tool Coordinate System.

Select Surface  
vcc-pick-top-button Pick this icon and select a part surface.  the Z Axis of the new Setup coordinate system will be aligned normal to the selected surface.

Set orientation parallel to

This allows you to set the MCS parallel to the World X Y or Z co-ordinate axis.

World X orients the Z axis of MCS parallel to World X axis.

World Y orients the Z axis of MCS parallel to World Y axis.

World Z orients the Z axis of MCS parallel to World Z axis.

Rotate about

Set the Spin Angle value and then select one of the axis buttons.  The MCS will rotate about the selected X, Y, Z Axis (i.e., click the button once for one rotation increment).