Performance Tips

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Performance Tips

Here are some performance tips to consider when generated and simulating toolpaths in VisualCAMc:

1.Part Geometry:  
Simulation time will vary depending on the number of cut motions in the toolpath.  As a general rule, contoured curves and surfaces will require more cut motions than prismatic lines, arcs and planes.

2.Toolpath Tolerances:  
Lower Tolerance values (i.e., located in the Global Parameters section of the Parameters tab of each operation dialog) assigned to your toolpath operations will result in higher machining accuracy.  However, it will also result in more cut motions being created and longer simulation times.  For reference, we suggest that you read How to Increase Tool Path Accuracy on the MecSoft Blog.

3.Internet Connection:  
This is a major contributing factor to simulation performance in VisualCAMc because the simulation results are feed directly to your computer browser from our VisualCAMc cloud servers.

4.Graphics Performance:  
Follow the Graphics Performance Recommendations supplied by Onshape support. By maximizing your computer system for Onshape, simulation performance in VisualCAMc will be maximized as well!

5.Cloud Servers:  
VisualCAMc utilizes scalable cloud servers and load balancing to distribute server-side processing loads.  If you experience unusually long response times during simulations, save your part and perform the simulation again.  If the simulation will not complete after several attempts at different times, contact customer support at  

6.Local Computer Performance:  
Increasing your local processing speed has little effect on simulation performance because you are utilizing the power of the inherent in our cloud computing servers.  However increasing the amount of RAM installed on your local computer will increase simulation performance, especially for large models and/or toolpaths with a large number of motions to process.

7.Access Restriction:
You can cannot run multiple VisualCAMc sessions from a single Onshape login session.  If you attempt to do so, an access warning message is displayed giving you opportunity to close and save the previous session.