Part Box Stock

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Part Box Stock

In this dialog the Stock is defined as a box that encompasses the part.  You can also add offset values in each axis to increase the size of the stock box.

1.Select Stock from the Mill toolbar or double-click left-mouse-click Stock under the Machining Job.

Milling tab

vcc-stock-menu > Part Box Stock

2.The Part Bounds Stock dialog is displayed.

Part Bounds Stock dialog


Your part dimensions are shown here.


Use these fields to add to your part Bounds dimensions (i.e., your Stock will be Bounds + these values).  For the X Offset and Y Offset, the amount specified is added to both direction (+X, -X, +Y and -Y).  For the Z Offset, the amount specified is ONLY added to the +Z direction.  This means that your Stock will always remain aligned flush to the bottom of your part.

Calculate from Geometry

Pick this button to calculate the Stock dimensions from the part extents.

3.Pick Save and your Stock will be updated un the Machining Job.