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Load the App

If you are new to VisualCAMc and have a current Onshape account, follow these steps to subscribe to the application:

1.Log-in to your Onshape account.

2.From the Onshape main toolbar, select the App Store button.

Locating the Onshape App Store button

3.From the Categories section of the Onshape App Store page, select CAM.

4.Locate the VisualCAMc app from the list and select it.

5.From the VisualCAMc App Store page, select your Subscription option.

6.Pick OK to continue.

7.Now, from your Onshape Documents page, open the part you want to machine.

8.At the bottom-left select the Insert new element (+) button to display the menu.

9.Select Add application... and you will see VisualCAMc listed.  Select it.

Add VisualCAMc application to your document

10.A new element tab named VisualCAMc will be added to your document.  Select the VisualCAMc tab to load the application.

The VisualCAMc tabs are added to your document

11.The VisualCAMc Registration dialog will display the first time you run the app.  Take a moment to register before continuing.  See Registration for more information.

12.Note: You can cannot run multiple VisualCAMc sessions from a single Onshape login session.  If you attempt to do so, the following access warning message is displayed giving you opportunity to close and save the previous session.

Access Warning

Access Warning