How To: Load a Tool Library

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How To: Load a Tool Library

To save time programming toolpaths you can create a tool library containing all of the cutting tools you have in your tool room.  See How to Export a Tools Library.  Here is how you can access and load your tool library:

1.From the VisualCAMc Machining Browser, select the Tools tab.


2.vcc-export-active-tools-to-a-library From the Tools Library (lower) section of the browser, select the Import Tools Library icon from the toolbar.


3.Use the File Open dialog to locate the tool library *.csv file (example: my_tool_library_file_name.csv) that you downloaded using the VisualCAMc Export a Tool Library command.  See Export a Tool Library for more information on how to save your cutting tools to a tool library.  

4.Make sure the Tools Library selector is set to your library name.


5.The tools in the library are listed in the lower portion of the Tools browser.  Again, make sure the Tools Library selector is set to the name of the library that you just uploaded.

6.Now Left-Click-Drag each tool from the Library (bottom of the browser) up and into the Tools folder of the Tools in Document (top of the browser).  Do this for each tool.


7.When done, your Tools in Document list should look similar to this:


8.Now change back to the Machining Job tab of the Machining Browser.