How to: Define a Work Zero

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How to: Define a Work Zero

Here are the steps to add a Work Zero definition.  If no Work Zero is defined under your Setup, toolpath coordinates will be calculated from the part MCS (Machine Coordinate System) defined by the Setup.  Make sure the Zero point on your CNC machine matches this Work Zero location.

1.From the VisualCAMc Toolbar, select Mill.


Add Work Zero definition

2.Then select the Setup from the Machining Job tree.

Setup Selected

3.Now from the Milling Toolbar select the Work Zero Add Work Zero definition.  The Work Zero dialog is displayed.

Work Zero Dialog

Work Zero Dialog

4.Select the Type of Work Zero to create.  In most cases this will be Set to Stock Box so that you can zero out the machine at a location on the Stock blank.

5.Select the Z location from the dialog (for Stock and Part Box options only).

6.Make a selection for the XY Position (i.e. North, South, etc.) (for Stock and Part Box options only).  The Work Zero triad will preview in the Display Window.

Work Zero Displayed on Part

7.Pick Save to define your Work Zero.  It will be listed under the Machining Job tree.  
Note: Make sure the Work Zero appears BELOW the Setup and ABOVE any toolpath operations in the Setup.

Work Zero Listed in Machining Job Tree