How to: Define a Part Box Stock

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How to: Define a Part Box Stock

Here are the steps to add a Part Box Stock definition.  Refer to the Stock Menu for more Stock definition methods.

1.From the VisualCAMc Toolbar, select Mill.


vcc-stock-menu> Part Box Stock

2.From the Milling Toolbar select Part Box Stock from the Stock menu or double-click left-mouse-click Stock from the Machining Job Tab.

3.The Part Bounds Stock dialog is displayed.

Stock Dialog

4.Pick the Calculate from Geometry button to display your part dimensions.

5.Add Stock material using the X, Y and Z values under the Offsets section.

6.Pick OK to define your Stock.  It will be listed under the Machining Job tree.

7.If you do not see the stock displayed on your part, select the icon Toggle Stock Visibility to Turn On/Off the display of the stock.