How to: Create a Tool

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How to: Create a Tool

You must Create a Tool before generating a Toolpath.  Here are the basic steps.

1.Select the Tools tab


2.Select the Create Tool icon vcc-create-tools-icon.

Create a Tool Icon

Create Tool Dialog

3.From the Create Tool dialog, select the Tool Type from the top toolbar.

Tool Type Toolbar

4.Enter a unique name for the Tool.

5.Enter the Tool dimensions that match the actual tool you plan to use.  Critical dimensions include Tool Diameter, Shank Diameter, Tool Length and Flute Length.  In most cases Tool Diameter and Shank Diameter are the same.

6.From the Properties tab, select the Material of the Tool from the menu.

7.Complete the additional Property fields.  In most cases, Tool Number, Adjust Register and Cutcom Register are the same value.

8.Pick Save and the Tool will be added to the Tool List.

9.You can create a tool at the same time you create a toolpath operation by performing the above steps from the Select Tool tab of each operation dialog.

Create a Tool