Copy/Past Toolpaths

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Copy/Past Toolpaths

Copy/Past ToolpathsYou can Copy/Past machining operations (Mops) and Setups from your Machining Job tree.  Pasted machining operations will be flagged. Edit (double-left-click) the pasted Mop, select regions to machine and then Generate it.


1.Select the Machining Job tab.


2.Right-click on a Machining Operation or a Setup and select Copy.

Right-click on MOp and CopyRight-click on Setup and Copy

3.Right-click on a Machining Operation or a Setup and pick Paste.

Right-click on MOp and PasteRight-click on Setup and Paste

4.The Machining Operations or Setup will be pasted below the selected operation.
Drag and Drop ToolsTo move operations up or down in the Machining Job, left-click hold and drag it to the desired located and then release.

Pasted MOp appears below selected MOpPasted Setup appears below selected MOp

5.Drag and Drop Tools Double left-click on the Mop to display its machining operation dialog.  Then select new machining regions from your part and pick Generate Toolpath.