Box Stock

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Box Stock

In this dialog the Stock is defined as a bounding box using the dimensions and origin location that you specify.  Follow the steps below to create a Box Stock.

1.Select Stock from the Mill toolbar and then select Box Stock.  Refer to the Stock Menu for other stock types available.

Milling tab

vcc-stock-menu > Box Stock



2.The Box Stock dialog is displayed.

Box Stock Dialog


You can select one of the available positions and the stock dimensions in the dialog will be measured from this location.

Corner Coordinates

The corner position (origin) of the box can also be repositioned by picking the desired coordinate (using the Pick button) or by specifying the coordinate values in the fields provided (Xc, Yc, Zc).


Use these fields to specify the Length (L) (X direction), Width (W) (Y direction) and Height (H) (Z direction) of the Box Stock.  The XYZ directions are relative to the current Machine Definition Setup.

Copy Model Bounding Box

When Copy Model Bounding Box is selected, the system calculates the bounding box of the part model as the XYZ extents of geometry of the part model and displays the X Y Z Coordinate values under dimensions.

3.Pick Save and your Stock will be updated under the Machining Job.