The MecSoft Quarterly: December 2017

We at MecSoft Corporation are both humbled and proud that our RhinoCAM software is helping to enable female machinists and entrepreneurs like Julie Pedelino, Owner/Operator of Pedalino Bicycles to experience the excitement and productivity of CNC technology. Here is some of what Julie had to say:

“Once I tested RhinoCAM, it was like OK, this is what I want to use! I really like how RhinoCAM is easy to learn and how it makes CAM programming easy to understand! The integration with Rhino makes design changes much faster and the technical support is fantastic! I had no previous CAD or CAM training or experience and your CAMJam self-training video archive was very helpful to me and still is.”

We hope you enjoy this inspiring success story of Pedalino Bicycles! We want to hear about your success story.


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